LGC Capital Ltd is one of the few listed companies in the world specialising in Cuban growth opportunities.

LGC Capital Ltd is a Canadian incorporated public company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V: QBA.V).

LGC Capital’s objective is to become a diversified business group by creating core business divisions to provide a diverse range of products and services primarily in Cuba or with connections in Cuba together with such other jurisdictions. This is being implemented by LGC Capital’s focus towards acquisitions and/or the creation of businesses organically in key growth sectors such as tourism, accommodation, infrastructure, transport, commercial and residential property, technology, communications, manufacturing, retail, services, leisure, agricultural and natural resources however this list is not exhaustive and the Company will utilise the skills and experience of the Directors and its advisers to seek opportunities in sectors which they consider best positioned to benefit from the increased access to the Cuban economy.

Shareholder Update’s

LGC Capital Co-Chairmen (David Lenigas and Mazen Hadad) with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Havana and our Cuban import partner Chris Murphy from GTC –

16 November 2016

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